R.B. Price & Company is unique in that we combine executive search experience with direct private equity financing. It is R.B. Price & Company’s history of experience and track record in both areas that differentiates us from our competition and enhances our ability to deliver what our clients seek. R.B. Price & Company offers nearly 40 years of experience in the following arenas:

  • Identifying, evaluating and attracting CEOs who have a desire to run their own show, but need a partner like R.B. Price & Company to help make it happen.
  • Assisting serially successful CEOs who have one or more acquisition targets (Backable CEOs) by helping to package and validate investment theses, crafting value creation strategies and providing private equity financing.
  • Networking and promotional skills to help place CEOs who wish to work in a private equity environment but who have not yet identified a target acquisition (Placeable CEOs). These CEOs are looking for private equity backing in the field of their specialization.
  • Sourcing Interim Management Experts, Board Members, Operating Partners and Industry Experts.  Our firm recognizes that private equity firms have specific or sometimes short-term needs for management talent with specific areas of expertise.  Whether it is deal evaluation, board membership, mentoring, turnarounds or workouts, R.B. Price & Company can provide the human capital required.
  • Placing Project Managers who are experienced corporate project and program managers working on a project-by-project basis or to oversee implementation of company-wide operating needs.
  • Providing Staffing Solutions for on-going operations improvement within private equity firms and portfolio companies alike.  We focus on high quality staffing resources in the high leverage skill sets of sales and marketing, finance and accounting and human resources.