For Business Owners

If You are Thinking about SELLING YOUR BUSINESS, do you want to:

  • Get the highest competitive price available?
  • Save millions of dollars in investment banking fees?
  • Move at your own pace (and not be pressured to sell)?
  • Have proof (for estate tax, divorce or contractual reasons) that your sale price is at “market value” based on comparable companies?
  • Keep all of your company data in an Ultra-Secure Vault?
  • Prevent third parties from seeing sensitive company financials and competitive information without your permission?
  • Have complete control over contact with potential purchasers?
  • Pre-qualify prospective purchasers according to criteria that only you determine?
  • Get paid for entering into negotiations with prospective purchasers?
  • Reveal your data to prospective buyers on a step by step basis?
  • Negotiate at your pace, not that of a banker who has an incentive to quickly close a deal?
  • Get help identifying additional potential purchasers
  • Have access to professional “deal counseling” – but only if you determine it is needed?

SellPQIf you said “yes” to any of the above questions, you need SellPQ.