Services and Tools to Facilitate Middle Market Capital Transactions

The pandemic has ramped up the use of online tools and the need for more comprehensive services supporting middle market capital transactions. Bridging the Gap Between Capital Providers and Midsize Companies. At R.B. Price & Company we specialize in assisting clients with company acquisitions & exits, asset-based lending, and equity fundraising.

Based on decades of experience we have also created a parallel set of online tools at PQ-Suite for middle market companies to inexpensively, directly and securely

  • Get valuations for their companies
  • Shop for the best lenders, investors, and advisors
  • Be guided through customized virtual data rooms

And, we all know that proven management talent is the key to realizing above market returns. R.B. Price & Company backs CEOs looking to acquire companies with private equity. We also source C-level management talent to private equity backed organizations. With a pool of over 1,000 outstanding CEOs to fill top positions in existing private equity portfolio companies, R.B. Price & Company delivers a valuable business service to support your management and wealth creation objectives.