For Top Operating Managers

Our firm offers a wide range of proven skill sets to assist Middle Market CEOs as a “Management Partner” or “Operating Partner” providing short-term consulting or advisory services covering:

  • Fund Raising
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operating Plans
  • M&A Analysis
  • Financial Plans
  • Organizational Planning
  • Exit Strategies
  • And More

Many of our “Placeable CEOs” are available to serve clients in this capacity. An illustrative profile:

Dramatically increased earnings and tripled the stock price of a publicly traded company in 18 months while serving as president; started a private equity firm that has engaged in deal making and joint ventures with, among others, the Soviet News Agency (TASS), Aetna, Investor AB, American Express, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Paychex, MBNA, Global Phone, American Health Association, Visa, The Rockefeller Foundation, ACE-INA, ADP Payroll, Bank One and Reuters; implemented rapid cost reduction and profit improvement programs in industries as diverse as public utilities, commercial real estate, information services, education, investment banking, international trade, and cultural institutions. Successes also include building several management teams from scratch, developing operational and strategic plans for companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 to incubators, creating ten independent start-ups and closing over 200 deals with companies in Europe and the Unites States. Ex-McKinsey consultant, Top 5 Business School MBA.