Placeable CEOs

R. B. Price & Company is constantly in touch with accomplished CEOs seeking positions in private equity portfolio companies. We also have other C-level executives (COOs, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, CMOs, etc.), waiting to step in to help you with any specific needs that may arise. Finding the right kinds of talent – with the special style and skill sets needed to produce the best results in private equity portfolio companies – requires a different approach than filling similar positions in publicly traded or other types of privately held companies. The environment and performance standards of private equity demand a special mindset, unique skills, determination and an absolute focus on results.

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If you have a portfolio company that is in need of a C-level executive or if you are considering an acquisition and are missing a CEO, you may be interested in some of the successful leaders we call “Placeable CEOs”. Additionally, many of these CEOs are willing to serve as board members, operating partners, project managers or interim executives.

Whatever your top management needs may be, R.B. Price & Company can help provide the human capital resources you need to make your investments produce a higher return.